The Best Beer for a Michelada

Best Beer for a Michelada

There are many different ways to make a Michelada, and people make it in different ways based on their based on region, culture, tradition, personal preference, etc. Regardless of how you make this beer-based cocktail, it may not turn out very well if you’re not using the best beer for a Michelada. So, for however … Read more

How Many Beers Equal a Shot?

How many beers equal a shot of vodka?

When you’re drinking at a bar, you’ve got options. You can sit back and drink some beer, try out some new IPA’s, stouts, sour beers, and much more. Or you can take things a different direction. Whiskey coke, vodka lemonade, margaritas, or other mixed drinks are popular options. And lastly, you can take shots. Well, … Read more

How Much Is A Keg?

How much is a keg?

Whether it’s for a large party or you just prefer your beer on tap, having a keg is both useful and fun. However, there are some misconceptions about kegs. Traditional economics tells us that it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. So, we’d assume that buying a keg would be cheaper than buying a whole bunch … Read more

Baker’s Yeast vs Brewer’s Yeast: What’s The Difference?

Brewer's yeast

Yeast has two primary uses, making alcohol and making bread. As you can imagine, baker’s yeast is used to promote the latter and brewer’s yeast, the former. But what exactly are the differences between baker’s yeast vs brewer’s yeast? Why does one make alcohol and the other bread? Can you interchange them? These are all … Read more